Robotic tomato trellising system

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Manpower saving

AGRIPPER executes tomato trellising without human intervention.

The system significantly saves manpower, realises higher capacity and reduces gaps between trellising.


Diseases detection and prevention

The replacing of manual labor by the AGRIPPER system, drastically reduces the touching of plants and so prevents the possible transfer of diseases between plants.

In addition, the system detects and identifies disease in advance, ensuring plant health.


Data collection and analysis

The system registers and processes data and provides the grower with information regarding the quality and growing rate of each individual plant. As well as the amount of fruit and its location.

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In how far would you rate the activity of trellising as problematic for the growing process?
Is trellising the most problematic labor requirement for the growth of tomatoes?
How difficult is it to recruit workers for trellising?
Could automation of the trellising part reduces labor needs?

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